Strapping Tools

Greto Corporation offers hand tools for both steel and plastic strapping through Samuel Strapping Systems. Greto can recommend a tool that is designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. These hand tools can be battery-powered or manual. 

ProductDescriptionFeatures & Benefits 


Manual Steel Tensioner


The A301 is designed for use with heavy, flat packages like steel, metals and forest products.

For steel strapping thicknesses up to .040” (1.00 mm)

Allows for unlimited steel strap take-up




Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool


The A335 incorporates three tool functions into one. The A335 can tension, seal, and cut the steel strapping in one simple process, eliminating the need for multiple tools. It's ideal for flat packages such as pallets, bales, crates, and cases.


Ruggedness and high reliability outperforms other strapping tools

Handy and easy operation

Reduces overall strapping costs by approx. 10% by eliminating need for steel seals

Light weight (3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs.)

Ideal for horizontal applications

High and consistent sealless joint efficiency



Manual Sealess Tool with MicroLock

The A337 is suitable for standard, vertical, and horizontal applications across all industries. Its MicroLock sealless system guarantees maximum security against steel strapping joint unlocking.

Good for regular duty and high tensile steel strapping

Accommodates steel strapping thickness of up to 0.64mm / .025

Free wheeling tensioning system      prevents loss of strap tension

Completely closed strap sealing mechanism

Simple adjustment of cutting and sealing depth

Easy-to-change feed wheel, die, and cutter supports




Battery-Powered Plastic Strapping Tool


The P326 is perfect for 3/8” to 5/8” plastic strapping. The latest in lithium ion battery technology means that your P326 will last longer and recharge much faster than other battery-operated tools.

Reinforced 18V motor

Easy strap threading

Adjustable sealing time

Compatible with polypropylene polyester, plain & embossed strapping

Up to 600 strap cycles per battery charge

Lithium ion battery

User-friendly charge indicator



Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool


The P330 is designed for heavy polyester strapping up to a width of 1" (25.0 mm) and a thickness of .060" (1.53 mm). The P330 can pull up to 1,350 lbs. (6,000N) of tension on industrial applications such as sheet metal, plate glass, coiled metal, wire and more other high quality strapping.

Easy strap threading – both straps are inserted into the tool together

Adjustable sealing time allows individual setting for a specific strap quality and size – high seal      efficiency is guaranteed.

The individual tension adjustment avoids excessive or insufficient strap tension; the loads are perfectly secured with the appropriately tensioned straps



Pneumatic Friction Sealing Tool for Polyester Strapping


The P350 is ideal for heavy industrial strapping applications and is suitable for continuous operation. The P350 is being used successfully in the aluminum, metal, paper, lumber, PVC pipe and building industries.

Pulls up to 850 lbs. (3780 N) of tension

Handles strap up to 1 ¼ (32mm) wide

Ergonomically arranged tensioning and sealing levers for fast operation

Sealing / cooling time can easily be adjusted for maximum versatility

Single button operation available for sealing / tensioning

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