Greto is a complete strapping and unitizing solutions provider. Greto offers a broad range of steel and plastic strapping, hand tools, edge protection, stretch film equipment and consumable, as well as standard and custom engineered unitizing equipment. Greto offers customers complete packaging and unitizing solutions from a single source and provide products that can be found in virtually any industry.

Greto Corporation is a distributor for the following products:

  • Steel Strapping
  • Polyester Strapping
  • Polypropylene Strapping
  • Strapping Seals & Buckles
  • Hand Tools for Strapping applications
  • Strapping Dispensers



Polyester Strapping

Greto Corporation can provide Samuel’s industrial strength, cost-saving, high performance polyester strapping. This polyester strapping is manufactured to the tightest industry standards and has earned AAR-approval for use with brick and lumber. Samuel Polyester Strapping is designed to address the needs of heavy duty loads, have excellent retained tension-keeping the strap tight, and uses heat or friction seals to weld the strap, eliminating the need for metal seals. Customers can benefit from additional savings due to the low strap cost per foot and through reduced product damage from seals or staining.

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Polypropylene Strapping

Greto offers hand and machine grade polypropylene strapping. Polypropylene strapping is an economical material that is available in various widths, thicknesses, and variations. Polypropylene offers higher elongation and may be printed. 

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Strapping Tools

Greto Corporation offers hand tools for both steel and plastic strapping through Samuel Strapping Systems. Greto can recommend a tool that is designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. These hand tools can be battery-powered or manual. 

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Wire Buckle

Plastic Strapping Seals

Greto supplies the following types of Samuel Plastic strapping seals:
Friction Weld
Heat Seal
Metal Seal
Plastic Buckle
Wire Buckle

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Open Flange

Steel Strapping Seals

Greto supplies the following types of Samuel Steel Strapping Seals:

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Steel Strapping

Samuel Steel Strapping is available in all finishes, and is treated with a hard wax coating – a special Samuel “hot dip” process. Greto Corporation can provide many different options through Samuel for Steel Strapping; such as a painted or zinc coating, and available in jumbo coils. In addition to these options, the strapping type can range from standard duty, to high tensile, to extra high tensile, providing options based upon the application.

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