GRETO supplies a wide range of PolyBags including the following:

  • Gussetted Bags (also available in rolls)
  • Layflat Bags (also available in rolls)
  • Side Sealed Bags
  • Bottom Gussetted Bags
  • Shrink Bags
  • Compartment Bags
  • Vacuum Pouches

GRETO supplies these bags in the following materials:

  • Anime Free Clear Anti-Static LDPE
  • Anime Free Pink Anti-Static LDPE
  • Pink Anti-Static LDPE

GRETO offers the following mil thickness:

  • 1.25 mil bags: for economical packaging
  • 1.5 and 2 mil bags: commonly used thicknesses
  • 3 and 4 mil bags: protects heavy and abrasive items
  • 6 mil bags: strongest and most protective  
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