GRETO is your source for pallets. Our supplier utilizes computer aided drafting (CAD) software to produce detailed schematics for our custom designed pallets. The pallet design system (PDS) software ensures the customers’ specifications are met with the minimum of waste and cost. The advantages of the pallet design system are listed below:

  • Aids in material handling efficiency
  • Calculates the load capacity on conveyor and in rack storage
  • Reduces costs by selecting the correct materials and design for the particular job
  • Eliminates expensive and wasteful over-engineering
  • Enhances workplace safety; it recommends safety and design improvements reducing or eliminating product damage, costly equipment shut-downs and pallet related injuries.

GRETO offers the following pallet options:

  • New pallets
  • Recycled pallets built to customer specifications
  • Used standard pallets
  • New wood crates built to customer specifications
  • Recycled and used crates
  • Heat treated pallets for export shipmentsPallets
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