Greto offers a wide variety of labels for your specific needs. All of the materials are environmentally sound.

Consumer Packaged Goods Labels:
Greto offers the following for consumer packaged goods: product labels, POS, hang tags, shelf markers, floor logos and more.
There are many different materials for all different types of applications.

Law Labels:
All law labels are certified in all states to meet labeling requirements for durability, strength and printing. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, meet federal flammability requirements, and can be made with fabric in addition to film and paper.

GHS Chemical / Drum and Automotive Labeling:
These labels are designed to be compatible with low-end density (LDPE) and high density plastics (HDPE), coated steel, Polycarbonate, Polyester (PET), fiberboard and glass. They are designed based on the specialized needs of the chemical industry while performing the functions of product identification, inventory tracking and ensuring safety.

Product Identification Labeling:
Quality labeling provided for a quality product, while ensuring your brand looks its best. Create your best solution for product identification by choosing your standard or custom materials to create a label, tag, or signage.

Food/Seafood Labeling:
All food and seafood labels are designed with the best appearance for the end consumer while meeting all FDA regulations and can be made for any type of food environment, whether that be freezing or room temperatures.

Horiculture Labeling:
Horiculture labels provide high strength and durability that withstand outdoor conditions.

Steel / Rebar Tags:
A wide variety of durable materials for rebar and steel are available. These tags are your durable solution to harsh environments, while ensuring the best appearance for your product.

Lumber Labels:
A wide variety of lumber tags and labels are available. Each designed to withstand the outdoors and attach to a rough surfaces, regardless of condition. Customized wraps for load identification and barcoding, hang tags, and tags are just some of the label solutions for your lumber.

Building Materials Labeling:
Building material labels are designed to ensure product safety and durability while making your systems more efficient. These labeling solutions can be for a variety of industries, from the building industry to the glass industry. 

Warehouse Floor Marking Systems:
A labeling solution designed for warehouse and manufacturing environments that offers readable and long lasting labels. These floor markings are offered in different shapes, sizes and colors. Various printing options are available such as bar codes, or special images.


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