Shrink Film

Greto Corporation offers Cortec Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for corrosion protection during transport and storage. Cortec VpCI Shrink Film provides multi-metal protection with corrosion inhibiting vapors that condense on the surface of your products and form a thin, uniform, economical, and extremely effective corrosion inhibiting layer. This formed barrier is self-replenishing, providing continuous protection, even with opening and closing of the package. Along with this, application of VpCI Shrink Film is easy and requires little or no surface preparation and components are ready for immediate use, requiring no cleaning or degreasing. This Shrink Film provides a top-notch universal protection system with high ultraviolet light protection to maintain the integrity of the film itself as well as the parts packaged within. You get complete product storage protection, during domestic and overseas shipments, virtually eliminating any rust claims.

Stretch Film

Greto provides Intertape Polymer Group cast and blown stretch films to assure the right type of product is available to create the proper solution to offer the customer. In addition, to providing the cast and blown stretch films, IPG manufactures machine applied and hand applied lengths in both versions of films. SuperFLEX brand high performance stretch brand products are light gauge, environmentally friendly stretch films used to effectively replace traditional heavier gauge stretch film. StretchFlex brand standard duty stretch brand products have a reputation for reliability and consistency, and are the right choice for applications where heavier gauge films make sense.

 Blown Film Advantages

Cast Film Advantages 

  • Manufactured as both mono-layer and three-layer stretch film
  • Superior load-holding capability
  • Very high levels of puncture and tear resistance
  • High cling levels
  • Manufactured in multi-layer versions
  • Excellent load retaining capability
  • High film puncture and tear resistance
  • Superior film clarity
  • Single-sided or two-sided cling varieties
  • Thinner gauge films with significant performance

Greto provides the following Stretch film products: 

  • ExpressWrap
  • Hand Wrapped II
  • Hand Wrapped IV
  • Orbit Air B
  • ProLite
  • Genesys
  • StretchFlex III
  • Single Sided Cling

Shrink Film 

Shrink FilmIntertape Polymer Group produces polyolefin shrink film and is a leader in premium shrink film in the packaging industry. IPG offers ExlfilmPlus and Exlfilm polyolefin shrink tape which are both offered here at Greto Corporation. Exlfilm offers an Exfilm QSL product and an Exlfilm HSP product which are engineered to provide the best look for packaging while providing unmatched value, versatility, and durability. Exfilm Plus films are cross linked making these innovative shrink films some of toughest and most versatile, while offering an inherently greater window of seal and shrink performance at a broader range of temperatures.

CoilWrap using RapWeave

Coil WrapRapWeave is a polyofelin woven fabric used where extra strength and tear resistance is required in the packaging of large strip steel coils in particular. RapWeave is particularly useful where your products are exposed to multiple handling and harsh shipping environments. Greto supplying RapWeave provides you with the following benefits:

  • A 35% reduction in your packing time
  • 40 times stronger than traditional stretch films
  • 100% recyclable and antistatic
  • Your corporate logo or your customized colors can be applied to this material                 


CoilWrap using RapFilm

Greto Corp provides RapFilm which is a high strength film developed with the steel industry, for the steel industry. Using advanced technology, this new high strength film has been engineered and developed for the automatic wrapping of steel coils including tin-plated, galvanized & color-coated steel. RapFilm provides the following packing advantages:

  • Available in 1.5-4.75 mil
  • The special material offers a greater level of puncture and tear resistance compared to standard stretch films
  • Six times stronger than traditional stretch film
  • Customized colors & corporate logos can be applied to this material

ProfileWrap using AluRap by MetPro

AluRap is a quick and effective solution proided by Greto. AluRap is six times stronger and only requires one layer for total protection. It is a high strength polyethylene film incorporating brand enhancing print with interactive coatings to provide manufactures of aluminum profiles and extensions with an efficient and cost effective alternative to cardboard, stretch film and adhesive tape. AluRap provides the following benefits:

  • Only one layer of AluRap is needed for total protection
  • It is up to six times stronger than stretch film
  • Significant savings in your packing costs
  • Recyclable and easily removed in one piece from the metal part
  • Superior brand enhancement through high quality multicolor printing

The following customized solutions are available:

  • A wide range of film thicknesses available from 1.5-5 mil.
  • Widths from 6”-100” available
  • “Rip-Stop” effect against tearing
  • Individual colors and imprints available 

CoilWrap and ProfileWrap can be used for the following products:

  • Steel strip, tubes and profiles
  • Tinplate coils and sheets
  • Aluminum coils, plate and profiles
  • Wired rod coils
  • Long products
  • Color coated steel
  • Black plate drumstock steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Hard and soft alloy extrusions
  • Aluminum architectural extrusions
  • Aluminum sheet and plates
  • PVC profiles, plastic pipe/tubing
  • Lumber industry-wrapping lengths of timber or coving 
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