Presstopack provided by Greto, utilizes revolutionary cold seal technology and is a modern packaging solution with applications across a wide range of end packaging usages. Presstopack can be easily cut to size to suit each item being wrapped, in turn eliminating waste from leftover pieces. This product is supplied on rolls of up to 1 meter width. The fluted layer of Presstopack uses a special type of pressure sensitive adhesive that forms a strong bond at room temperature with the application of very slight pressure. Importantly, this cold seal technology only bonds to itself and will not stick to any other surface, making it easy to store and handle.

Presstopack provides the following advantages:

  • Saves time and waste when packing individual items
  • Less packaging materials required
  • Low cost option for your packaging needs
  • Fluted layer of Presstopack acts as a protective cushion
  • Time and labor efficient
  • Health and safety benefits- using no glues, heat, or chemicals

 Presstopack is perfect for sending the following products:

  • Books/magazines
  • CD/DVD
  • Machine Parts
  • Medical Supplies
  • Stationery
  • Pre-Wrapped Clothing
  • Electrical Products
  • Tools
  • Oven Parts
  • Circuit Boards
  • Mobile Phones
  • Homeware
  • Bottled Liquids
  • Media Accessories
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