Greto is able to meet all of your foam product needs. From foam packaging for transportation to Die Cut foam, we can meet the most challenging packaging needs.

The following foams are solutions for your packaging transportation needs.

Polyethylene (Closed Cell):

Polyethylene is best for shock absorption and multiple impacts. This type of foam is also suitable for secondary vibration damping. Polyethylene is best used for:

  • Heavy electronics
  • Glass components
  • Automotive parts

Cross-Linked Polyethylene (No Cell Structure):

Cross-Linked Polyethylene is the most expensive of the foam options and is used primarily for abrasive-sensitive surface packaging and returnable dunnage. This type of foam is best used for:

  • Automotive Class A Surfaces
  • Abrasive-Sensitive Surfaces

Polyurethane Ether (Open Cell):

Polyurethane Ether is best for vibration damping and secondary shock absorption of light items. Polyurethane Ether is best used for:

  • Light electronics with critical elements within

Expanded Polystyrene:

Expanded Polystyrene is the least expensive foam option. This foam is best for sturdy and weighty items and is used primarily for blocking and bracing applications. Expanded Polystyrene is limited in its ability to withstand multiple impacts. This foam is best used for:

  • Metal parts
  • Heavy mechanical devices


Microfoam offers a polypropylene foam solution for applications requiring the utmost surface protection. As the only low density polypropylene sheet foam in the industry, Microfoam has a high coefficient of the friction that immobilizes your packages product. Microfoam foam is versatile with unlimited applications across a wide range of industries. This type of foam can provide the following benefits:

  • Lighter weight than small bubble at equal square footage
  • No curring agents used, meaning no grease transfers to product
  • 100% recyclable

Greto Corporation supplies the following Cortec foam materials:

Cortec Impreginated foams and Cor-Pak bubbles protect precision machined parts and highly sensitive electronic components. They protect against breakage, surface damage, and scratches.

Coretc EcoShield and CorShield protect delicate items with its abrasive-proof lining and absorbs condensation as well.

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