Cushioning Materials

GRETO offers the following cushioning materials to meet your packaging needs.


GRETO can meet all of your foam product needs. From foam packaging for transportation to Die Cut foam and other specialty foams, GRETO can meet all of your packaging needs.

  • Polyethylene (Closed Cell)
  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene (No Cell Structure)
  • Polyurethane Ether (Open Cell)
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Microfoam
  • Cortec Impreginated foams
  • Cor-Pak bubbles
  • Coretc EcoShield¬†
  • CorShield


GRETO is a distributor for Honeycomb products from Mid-States Packaging, Inc. With their own core producing and expanding machines, Mid-States Packaing, Inc. is able to provide unmatched products in the packaging industry. Their unique operations include sanding their own core, this provides optimal adhesion, in turn providing high quality product that stands out from their competitors.

Dunnage Bags

GRETO is a source for Dunnage Bags. Tough, dependable, and easy to inflate, dunnage bags are quite simply the most cost effective and convenient way to protect your cargo. Dunnage bags are easier and less expensive to install than wood bracing because there is no carpentry, construction, or tear down time. Lastly, these inflatable dunnage bags protect your cargo with a strong, dependable cushion of air.


Presstopack (press-to-pack) provided by GRETO, utilizes revolutionary cold seal technology and is a modern packaging solution with applications across a wide range of end packaging usages. Presstopack can be easily cut to size to suit each item being wrapped, in turn eliminating waste from leftover pieces. This product is supplied on rolls of up to 1 meter width.

The fluted layer of Presstopack uses a special type of pressure sensitive adhesive that forms a strong bond at room temperature with the application of very slight pressure. Importantly, this cold seal technology only bonds to itself and will not stick to any other surface, making it easy to store and handle.

Contact us for more information about cushioning materials such as foams, honeycomb, dunnage bags and Presstopack.

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