New Products

Ultra-Thin Painter's Tape

GRETO offers the latest product from Intertape Polymer Group, Inc., FineLine™ Ultra Thin Painter’s Tape. This moisture-resistant, washi-type paper masking tape offers a stain resistant, pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive that's specially designed to adhere firmly and securely to most surfaces.

FineLine is designed to provide precision paint lines while preventing paint bleed and edge build up. It can be used on walls, windows and trim, hardwood floors, lacquered and laminated surfaces, and provides excellent conformability and clean removal up to seven days.

The full product sheet is available on the IPG website.

Ipg ProductFeatures and Benefits:

  • Creates precision paint lines

  • Prevents paint bleed and edge build up

  • Adheres to wide-variety of surfaces

  • Clean removal for up to 7 days

Contact us for more information about this IPG Product. GRETO is a proud supplier of IPG Products. We also offer a variety of other tape products.

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